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30 before 30

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A lot of things recently have made me reevaluate the person I am and where I’m at in my life — not the least of which is the fact that I’m turning 30 in October.

On one hand, I feel like I can still get into the head of the person I was at 22, when I was living in Bakersfield. But then again, I go over all the things that have happened since then and know that I must have changed.

And lately, I feel like I’ve slacked off on many of my hobbies and taking journeys, which is what made the decade following high school so much fun.

So this has been running through my head, and then I saw friend Maggie Creamer’s blog “Sometimes you need that.” Read the rest of this entry »


Sweetbread isn’t a dessert, and Satan’s Whiskers go with Brussels sprouts

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One evening earlier this year, I ate the thymus gland of a cow.

The culinary name for the organ is sweetbread, and I didn’t know what it was before I bit into it.

But that was kind of the point. And, though I’m surprised to say it, it wasn’t terrible — actually kind of good in a purely carnivorous sort of way.

Several months ago, I, my boyfriend, Niel; and friend, Corey, went to 732 Social, a restaurant in Louisville’s NuLu neighborhood. Not sure what to order, the waiter pointed us to a little visited part of the menu that offers tastings of food and drinks at $5 a piece.

So it was essentially $10 a course for a small dish and cocktail.

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